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Did you ever faced with a disaster when source code of your Flash project was erased by some hardware or software issue and you had to recover it from the last revision or even from scratch, using your memory only?

If you had a compiled project file you still could use some decompilers to restore your code or even entire project, they really helpful sometimes, yeah.

But how to be if you protected your compiled project file to prevent source code viewing?

I’m glad to tell you there is an option even in situations like this! If your SWF is protected, you have no working decompiler, have no time to restore it by hands or you have some other stop factors from restoring your Flash project source code (SWF or AIR app), I’m here to help you!

This is a list of common tasks I’m able to help with:

  • Restore AS2/AS3 code from your SWF or AIR app.
    Original names (classes, variables, methods, etc.) can’t be restored of source code was really obfuscated. It is possible to restore them only by hands reading the code and trying to guess the original name.
    It’s possible to restore protected (encrypted) Flash projects code.
    I can’t guarantee restored source code will be fully functional and compilable since it should be compiled within fully restored FLA project to test it.

  • Restore FLA project in case of successful source code restoring.
    It’s possible to make a check if the FLA is compilable.
    It’s also possible to make a check if restored FLA is fully functional. It’s not always possible to do though. I should have all needed files or servers access Flash project using; whole project should be not too huge and I should have a detailed description on what functionality I should check exactly.

  • Clean up your Flash project from different protections (obfuscation, encrypt, site lock, etc.).
    As example it could be useful if you wish to move one of your old good Flash apps, locked with some old domain to the new domain.

  • Change something right in your Flash project (SWF, AIR app).
    It could be your company name, official site link or even your logo.

  • Help with your Flash project security bottle necks.
    By bottle necks I mean some “holes”, “narrow” places on your anti-cheat or license systems.

  • Your SWF protection analysis and revision.
    I could try to hack, decrypt, unprotect your Flash project (SWF, AIR) and review quality and security level of the protection you used with making suggestions about increasing its strength if necessary.
    I’d be glad to consult you on any kind of protection systems or schemes creation (anti-cheat, licensing, protocol protection, etc.) for your Flash project.

Please, note, all this clauses are not always possible to do, there are different ways to solve certain tasks though.

Additionally I could help with .NET / Mono / Unity3D and Java apps source code recovery and bytecode modification.

Feel free to write me at:
focus [bones lover] codestage [-dot-] ru

Or use a feedback form here:


I’m not responsible for any improper use of work done by me within any task given to me by customer.
I assume customer have full copyrights, exclusive rights or any other necessary rights for any information, files or any other data given to me within any task and he have all necessary rights to give me this task as well.
Customer assumes all criminal, civil and any other liability for any tasks given to me and for any actions done by me within given task.

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