Sigh, good ol’ Flash times!
This project is hopelessly abandoned now=(
But, in case you’re switched from Flash to the Unity (like I did), you might like the Maintainer plugin I’m working on. It has similar purpose – it looks for issues at the Unity projects.
Contact me and tell me secret word “XFL_Nostalgy” to get your free copy of the Maintainer plugin.

I’m very proud to present you one of my pet projects – XFLTool (download link in a bottom of this page).

XFLTool is an opensource AIR application designed to help with optimization, cleaning and overall maintenance of the Adobe Flash Professional projects, saved in the CS4 or higher, licensed under the liberal MIT license.
So, it’s an absolutely free application, which you could use as you want, both for non-commercial and commercial projects.

Currently project is in the alpha stage, so it can contain bugs, errors, typos and so on.
Some screenshots (clickable):

Current features:

Scan selected XFL project for issues:
– Publish Settings issues
– Fonts issues
– Different common issues detection
– Different performance issues detection
– Different elegancy issues detection

Bitmaps processing
– Compares two compression types: JPEG and Lossless (PNG\GIF), and suggests best choice
– Ability to set the JPEG quality as at the Publish Settings or to the custom value to use it in comparison
– Ability to ignore Bitmaps with already custom JPEG quality

Localizations (eng, rus currently)
– Ability to add new languages (you could send me translated XML from /XFLTool folder/lng/en_US.xml)
– Auto-select language with default English

– Work both with compressed (FLA, created in CS5+) and uncompressed XFL projects (CS4+)
– Auto-update
– Drag & Drop

Latest version: 0.0.4 alpha
Download XFLTool for Windows
Download XFLTool for Mac OS

Sources are here: https://github.com/DmitriyYukhanov/XFLTool
Feel free to contribute!

Found a typo? Please, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform me!

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XFLTool — 4 Comments

  1. Totally recommendable tool, although I don’t fully agree with showings warnings about graphic symbols in the library, having them doesn’t mean they are going to be used as-is.

    Also, it seems the GitHub link is wrong.

    • Hey, HB!
      Thanks for your comment, link is OK, my GitHub account was hidden from public temporary – they think I’m a robot ROFL.
      Should be back online shortly.

      And for your comment about graphic symbols – yeah, it’s not so simple and warning could be converted to the just heads-up hint, feel free to send a pull request with fix!) I have no time to support this great in-house project anymore unfortunately 🙁

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