Meet the XFLTool 0.0.4 alpha

Hey, readers!
I’m glad to present you a new XFLTool version.

You can find in this version:
– Issues and hints module with numerous updates (and bugs, I guess), rewritten from scratch
– Bitmaps compression analysis is read-only now and doesn’t need jsfl association with Flash Pro
– Native Installers for Windows and Mac OS
– custom updates GUI
– options page (there will be a lot of stuff there in a future)
– changed log fields appearance and improved massive logs rendering performance
and even more.

Please, check the Changelog page to see the complete changes log for this update.
You can grab a new version on the XFLTool page only, 0.0.3 alpha will not update to the 0.0.4 alpha automatically!

I’m thinking now about placing XFLTool in the hg (Mercurial) repo on the Google Code and keeping work on it as on own open source project, but I should polish my most ugly places in the code before)

As always, I’ll be glad to see your opinion, suggestions, bug reports, etc., feel free to write me!

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