Unity3D Tweening performance

Hey, I’ll be short =)
I’m going to compare quickly 3 types of tween animations: built-in Legacy Animation, HOTween and DOTween.
I use 5k objects from prefabs as tweens targets.
Tweens are looped, start by default, have 1 sec length and tweening transform position from (0, 0, 0) to (1.3, 1.4, 1.5).

Used software info:
– Unity 4.6 Beta 16.
– HOTween v1.3.350.
– DOTween 0.7.310 Alpha
– Unity profiler with ‘Deep Profile’ enabled.

Initialization resources usage

Let’s compare initialization time and GC allocations first.
Time + GC Allocation + real memory allocation. Time is frame total time. Memory usage includes memory used by objects.

Frame time: ~166.7 ms (from 3 samples)
GC Allocations: 97.8 KB
Total memory usage: ~20.07 MB (from 3 samples)
Frames to initialize: 1

Frame time: ~268.68 ms (from 3 samples) + ~55.62 ms (from 3 samples) for second frame
GC Allocations: 4293 KB + 1.3 KB for second frame
Total memory usage: ~25.1 MB (from 3 samples)
Frames to initialize: 2

Frame time: 122.86 ms (from 3 samples)
GC Allocations: 1800 KB (may be kept away from GC using internal pooling)
Total memory usage: ~10 MB (from 3 samples)
Frames to initialize: 1

Resources usage per frame

Now tweening performance, allocations per frame (excluding constant Unity-releated allocators) and total memory usage while running tweens (memory usage increases for a while after initialization).
Time is frame total time.

Frame time: 12-13 ms
GC Allocations: 0 B

Frame time: 36-40 ms
GC Allocations: 420 B – 672 B (sad face here)

Frame time: 9 ms
GC Allocations: 0 B

Brand new DOTween gets the best Unity tweening solution award from me!
And it’s free, very flexible, user-friendly and has a great author. It definitely desires donation!

Grab messy benchmark sources (should be compatible with Unity 4.5) here.

Found a typo? Please, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform me!

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Unity3D Tweening performance — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for this post!
    This is so helpful

    Can you check the chart images in the post because I can’t see them, please ?

  2. Thank you very much for your post. This is really useful.

    Are you gonna do the same for Unity5?


  3. Спасибо за статью. Думаю попробовать перейти на DoTween уже версии 1.
    Интересно было увидеть сравнение результатов по сравнению с iTween.

    • Рад, что пригодилось, DoTween определённо заслуживает внимания.
      iTween уступал HOTween когда я их сравнивал пару лет назад.
      Возможно, с тех пор что-то изменилось, но я сомневаюсь что кардинально.
      Вы можете сравнить производительность HOTween с iTween тут: http://hotween.demigiant.com/testRun.html (последняя кнопка).

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