“Use imported JPEG data” in the Flash Pro

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Information below will be useful for the Adobe Flash Professional users.

To achieve a satisfying balance between file size and quality of images in your Flash Pro project, you should tune the compression settings for every image you have in your project. As you could know, compression setting could be tuned via the “Bitmap Properties” dialog available from the library image context menu.
So, in case of JPEG images compression, Flash Pro could put JPEG images into SWF without recompressing (use original JPEG) or recompressing them with a custom quality.
Some time ago I searched the web for the clear explanation in which cases Flash Pro offers to use original JPEG (“Use imported JPEG data” option button) and in which – recompress it (“Use publish settings”) to code the original JPEG using detect rule in my XFLTool. Unfortunately, I didn’t find what I searched for, so I asked guys from Adobe about this and got a really clear and fast answer!
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