FlashDevelop + Flash Pro IDE + AIR (quick tip)

Hello, friends!
I had to write some code in the FlashDevelop for my AIR app (builded from Flash Pro IDE) recently and there was a little tricky to force FD to recognize and work well with all AIR-related classes and code.
So, if you’re using FD for code writing and Flash IDE to publish you AIR app, you could create usual FD “Flash IDE Project”.
But that project type don’t support native AIR code and it could be annoying.
To add native AIR code support in your FlashDevelop Flash IDE Project, just add “+configname=air” to the Additional Compiler Options in the Compiler Options tab of your project properties dialog:

FlashDevelop project properties dialog

FlashDevelop project properties dialog

Hope it will be helpful for some of you.

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