Meet Anti-Cheat Toolkit: prevent cheating easily in your Unity3D game!

Hey, dear fellows!
Today I’m glad to present you my first contribution to the Unity3D Asset Store:

Anti-Cheat Toolkit logo

Anti-Cheat Toolkit (ACT)!

This is a tiny toolkit, created to help you protect your Unity3D project from many cheaters / hackers (not from all – skilled and well-motivated person can hack anything). Current ACT version allows you to protect sensitive variables and PlayerPrefs from cheating.

Feel free to watch a small video I made to show how to cheat your game (or whatever) and how ACT allows you to prevent such cheating:–2JECbpSE

So, currently ACT allows you to keep variables safe from all kind of memory searchers (Cheat Engine, ArtMoney, etc.) and prevent your saved PlayerPrefs data from altering by any person on any platform.

Just add ACT DLL into your project and replace PlayerPrefs to PlayerPrefsObscured, sensitive int to ObscuredInt, float to ObscuredFloat, etc. and you’re done! Really 🙂
This is all you need to do to add some protection from cheaters to your project in no time, no any additional steps required!
For more flexibility I added custom crypto keys usage (not necessary, but feel free to use it), if you’re nerdy enough 🙂
ACT is very simple and intuitive to use as you can see – you shouldn’t have to know something special at all. Hope you’ll like it!

Anti-Cheat Toolkit at:
Own ACT plugin page
Unity Forum
Asset Store


PS: I wish to say special thanks to Daniele Giardini for great logos and all priceless feedback he provided about ACT!
And I’d like to let you know about some must-have Unity3D content Daniele created, like tweening engine HOTween or “Swiss knife” panel HOTools, and you definitely should check out Goscurry – super fun, creative and addictive game!

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