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With this Autumn comes time of some great Events around Flash platform. I’ll try to share with you my favorite (as Flash developer and enthusiast) sessions, labs and speeches from the upcoming conferences Flash on the Beach (FOTB), Unite Flash Day, and, of cource, Adobe MAX.

Please, look for detailed sessions descriptions at the given links.

FOTB will run at the Brighton, Great Britain. September, 11-14.
This year FOTB will be awesome (as usual), and will bring us many different sessions, and I’d like to mention some of them.

First of all, look at this amazing Flash-related sessions:

This session will cover different rendering techniques. You could peep more detailed list of Lee’s session topics at his recent G+ post.

Rob will discuss many nice and new GPU-related features of the upcoming Flash Player 11.

This session covers using Pixel Bender, Away3D and more to build beautiful effects.

This session will teach you how to write your own procedural effects, you’ll dive into the raytraycing, procedural landscapes world, you’ll learn how to use Pixel Bender, Alchemy, Stage3D and more…

Conrad will speak about ActionScript 3 Virtual Machine 2(AVM2) internals, about real time code generation and other. Be prepared to deep dive into the AVM2!

This session will cover using Doomsday Console. If you like such toys (as me), give a try to the Flash Console too.

My countryman will cover images recognition topics and applying it to the augmented reality (AR). Also he’ll talk about his great project – IN2AR (former ASFEAT) – very fast Flash AR library.

This session covers news from the Robotlegs – Robotlegs 2 (it going to be shown on public this fall).

Seb will show us one of his latest great projects – PhonePixels – it will assign every man with iOS\Android (flash-enabled) device in the room into the pixel on the big display, making everybody the part of whole experience, very exciting!

This year there are many Unity, HTML5, JavaScript, etc. sessions on the FOTB too. Sharing with you most interesting from my point:

This session will cover Unity and WebGL using to make a nice project for both web and mobile.

This session will cover using Paper.js, drawing vectors on the HTML5 and more.

This great session will reveal a theexpressiveweb.com creation process and will cover some HTML5 topics as well.

Also this FOTB will have an Elevator Pitch section as usual, with some great shows, as show from Simo Santavirta: Visualizing music onlineAPEXvj author will show us something exciting about sound visualization, related to his work on the APEXvj.

Unite Flash Day will run at the San-Francisco, USA. September, 27. Unite – this is a Unity conference at all, but this year is special for the Flash developers, so before Unite we will be able to see the Unite Flash Day. It was organized especially to show some very revolutionary technology created inside of Unity for the Flash platform… As you could already guess, this is all about Unity to Flash (Stage3D) exporter! It’s very good this exporter exports swf able to communicate with native Action Script code, so it could be smoothly integrated into the Flash environment, into any Flash project.

First time I heard about this exporter was when well-known at the Flash community for his outstanding experiments and love to the demoscene and not only for this, professional, Ralph Hauwert, was hired by Unity to work on this exporter creation. That time I was sure already – exporter will be released and I was ready to argue with my co-workers about this fact =)

So, this day became more close to us. I hope, export to the Flash will be released and we, Flash developers, will have a chance to relax using Unity creating some of the outstanding Flash 3d project.

More details and nice proof video you could find on the exporter preview at the Unity blogs.

Adobe MAX will pass at the Los Angeles, USA. October, 1-5.
This is very big conference about web, development, design, effects and anything else related to the Adobe products. This year there are many people going to out on sessions and labs, will be more then 200 speeches, will be shown a huge slides abount… Look yourself at the schedule sessions and labs.

You could easily lose yourself in all this events and miss something important. I’ll try to share with you probably most important for Flash developers events firstly and then other interest sessions from my point.

Important sessions:

The Incubator: Test the Bleeding-Edge Capabilities of the Flash Platform
“Learn more about the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Incubator, a technology preview program for more adventurous developers who are willing to test the bleeding-edge capabilities of runtimes and contribute to the future of the Flash Platform.”

Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3: Changing the Game
“Join Tom Nguyen and Thibault Imbert, product managers for the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtimes, for a deep dive into all the new features introduced in Flash Player 11 and AIR 3.”

Concurrency in Flash Runtimes
“Dive deep into the new ActionScript worker API with Jason Williams, senior Flash Player engineer, and Krzysztof Palacz, senior computer scientist on the virtual machine.”

Another interest events:

About future:

Flash Platform Roadmap: Flex, Flash Builder, Flash Player, AIR
“Check out the roadmap for the Adobe Flash Platform. In this session, the Adobe Flash Platform product managers will present an overview of what they’re planning for the next major versions of Flex, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe AIR.”

Flash Professional Sneak Peek: A Glimpse at the Future
“Join Product Manager Richard Galvan as he demonstrates some of the work being done behind the scenes with Adobe Flash Professional. Get an early glimpse of the upcoming features in a future release.”

What’s New in Adobe AIR — and What’s Next
“Come hear the latest news about Adobe AIR … In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to explore upcoming features with members of the product team.”

About Stage3D:

Deep Dive into Molehill (Stage 3D)
“Join Adobe engineers Sebastian Marketsmueller and Grayson Lang for a deep dive into Stage 3D (aka Molehill).”

Developing Next-Generation Games with Stage3D (Molehill) Part 1
“Get a preview of the new 3D capabilities (Molehill) in Adobe Flash Player. Thibault Imbert, product manager for the Adobe Flash runtimes, and Luc Beaulieu, CTO at Frima Studio, will showcase what can be done with Molehill using many examples.”

Developing Next-Generation Games with Stage3D (Molehill) Part 2
“Stage 3D introduction in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR lets you use techniques such as deferred lighting, screen space dynamic shadow, MRT, and more through vertex and fragment shaders.”

Developing 2D Games on Top of Stage 3D (Molehill) in Flash Player
“Learn how to use Stage 3D (aka “Molehill”), the new low-level GPU-accelerated APIs in Adobe Flash Player, to develop high-performance 2D games.”

Programming a 3D First-Person Shooter Game in Flash
“Learn more about how to build the next generation of action games with new the Flash Stage 3D API. This session will cover the key steps required to create an advanced first-person shooter gameplay…”

The Flash Platform and Alternativa3D: Amazing New Possibilities
“Dive deep into the latest capabilities offered by the Alternativa3D framework, leveraging the Stage3D (Molehill) APIs.”

Flash and 3D, Start Your Engines!
“Learn how to turbo-boost your Flash 3D content using frameworks built on the new Stage3D (Molehill) APIs. This is a unique opportunity to meet face to face with the Away3D and Flare3D teams and witness the amazing visuals that can now be accomplished with GPU acceleration in Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3.”

About mobile platforms:

Developing High-Performance 2D Mobile Games with Adobe AIR
“Bring your own laptop and device to this 90-minute hands-on lab, and learn firsthand how to create, optimize, and deploy 2D AS3.0-based games to the mobile and tablet worlds.”

Developer and Designer Multiscreen Mashup with Flash Professional
“See Adobe Flash Professional developers and designers demonstrate how code and visual assets can be shared and updated across documents to target multiple screens, with ActionScript set up so that the right code is compiled for specific devices.”

Adobe AIR Mobile Camp
“Learn how to create mobile applications to target Adobe AIR on the iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Playbook operating systems via hands-on development.”

About HTML5, JavaScript ans so on:

HTML5: The 2012 of the Web
“Take an in-depth look at HTML5, a buzzword we’ve all heard, but few truly understand. We’ll explore HTML5 elements such as new form input and behavior, as well as APIs like video, canvas, Web Storage, History, and more.”

High-Performance JavaScript
“Join the discussion as we dive into the complexities of JavaScript … there’s still a lot to understand about what makes JavaScript slow and what you can do to speed up your code.”

Building Interactive Content Using HTML5 Canvas
“Join Grant Skinner, veteran interactive developer and creator of EaselJS and Pirates Love Daisies, for this session on building interactive content using the HTML5 canvas element.”


Flash gaming deep dive
“In this workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of creating games for the Adobe Flash platform. Using popular game frameworks like Flixel and PushButton Engine, you will learn to optimize your games for desktop and mobile devices. You’ll also discover how to use Molehill to create stunning 3D for games, and we’ll show you how to use advanced techniques such as blitting to help with performance. In addition, you’ll get a sneak peek at upcoming Adobe gaming technologies.”

Leveraging Adobe Alchemy to Optimize Games and Applications
“Be sure to attend this session if you want to know more about how to use Adobe Alchemy in real projects.”

Pushing Pixels: Blitting for Gaming on Web, Desktop, and Mobile
“Join developer Jesse Freeman to get insight into how to take advantage of blitting in desktop, web, and mobile Flash apps.”

Delivering Best Video Experiences with Flash
“Using the new Stage Video feature, you can deliver the best possible viewing experience of the highest quality HD video content, while reducing processor usage by up to 85%! Come join us as we explore Stage Video, explain how it works, and show how to optimize your content for Stage Video delivery.”

Building the Best Gameplay
“Take a dive deep into the techniques required to build the best games. … Ben Garney, core Flash architect at Push Button Engine and one of the most well-known names in the Adobe Flash gaming industry, will put some powerful tools into your game development toolkit: finite state machines, numerical simulation, components, data-driven definitions, and more.”

Optimizing Game Performance for Web, Mobile, and Desktop
“Come to this session to discover several tips and tricks that help maintain performance across each operating system. Important game development techniques, such as blitting, upscaling assets across different screen resolutions, sprite sheets, and bitmap caching, will also be discussed.”

Flash Gets Physical: Connecting with Game Controllers, Arduino, and Sensors
“Discover how devices like Microsoft Kinect and the Arduino prototyping board can bring Flash into the physical world.”

And a pack of interesting for me sessions, but not so important at first glance:
Working with AIR Native Extensions
Video Player Development for Multiple Devices
Flash Builder Tips and Tricks
Encoding for Performance on Multiple Devices
Mobile Apps That Wow
Deep Dive into Flash Professional CS5.5
Animating in Flash Professional CS5.5 with Chris Georgenes
Building the Next Killer Flash App for Facebook
Getting Started with the Robotlegs Framework
Tips and Tricks for Building Desktop Applications with Adobe AIR
Advanced Interactivity and Real-World Integration with Adobe Edge
Everything You Wanted to Know about Adobe Edge
Getting Hands-on with Adobe Edge Preview
The Edge of Glory: Is That Really HTML?
How to Rapidly Build HTML5 Web Apps with Sencha Technologies
Easy 3D Content Creation and Workflow for Flash & Stage3D
The Next Generation of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games

Conferences of this Autumn are rich for the Flash developing for mobile platforms speeches. I like this because mobile platforms became more popular and exciting.
Also, as you could notice yourself, there are many sessions about HTML5, WebGL, CSS3, JavaScript, Unity, what is good form my point too. However, many Flash developers don’t like this situation at the WEB field, but I think it’s great to have a choice of the technologies and have a chance to work with the different programming languages and platforms.

I hope this post will help you to not loose yourself at those conferences.

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