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Hi! I hope, you’re already celebrated a New Year 2011 and have a nice holidays!

This year is just started and there are a lot of the interest news around already. I think, some of them could be interest to you, so I’m glad to share this news with you.

Particle VideoPlayer

UnitZeroOne particleVideo experiment

Ralph Hauwert revived his blog and created a nice experiment with a particles and video: Particle VideoPlayer.

“…the biggest part runs on Pixelbender, the particle drawing is alchemy.”

I really like it, good job, Ralph!

Pixel Smash Test

PhotonStorm Pixelsmash Experiment

Next one is a awesome Richard Davey’s experiment with a pixels called Pixel Smash Test. And this is a Richards’s blog post about it.

“And no, it’s not Box2D. I’m using Nape which is the new darling physics engine on the block.”

It runs not bad for me on my slow Core 2 Duo 2GHz in the debug FP 10.2 beta even considering that it’s “totally unoptimised”.

I like different physics sandboxes like this, thank you, Richard!

Flash Console

CConsole 2.5 Stress TestAnother good news are about my favorite debug tool, CConsole (flash-console) – version 2.5 is finally released!

This is a really huge update, you could look at the change log and read more about this nice tool at the Lu-Aye’s (it’s author) blog.


EaselJS v0.2 ExampleThis is a good news for all people who need to create a simple tween animations in the HTML5. Grant Skinner recently announced a new 0.2 version of it’s HTML5 tweening engine called EaselJS. You can look at the small demo using this engine here and read more about EaselJS at it’s homepage.

WebGL Inspector

WebGL InspectorThis is a nice “An advanced WebGL debugging toolkit”. You could use it to debug and optimize your WebGL projects. Also you could check out “Learning WebGL Lesson 5” and “Google’s Electric Flower” live demos.

Read more at the WebGL Inspector github page.

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