New in the Flash Player 11 (Incubator) API

Hi! For sure, you already heard about FP11 Incubator build. And maybe watched and played some molehill-related demos already. And even you could write something three-dimensional with help of new playerglobal.swc. But new Flash Player version brings not just the low-level GPU API, but also many other nice functionality. I’d like to share all the Flash Player 11/12 related information, found in the prerelease Language Reference (~7MB) for the Incubator build.

Here it is:

Flash Player 11 (except Molehill stuff):
Method DisplayObjectContainer.removeChildren();
Method MovieClip.isPlaying();
Property TextField.textInteractionMode
Event TextField.textInteractionModeChange
Package flash.hid.*
Method Matrix.copyRowFrom();
Method Matrix.copyRowTo();
Method Matrix.copyColumnFrom();
Method Matrix.copyColumnTo();
Method Matrix.copyFrom();
Method Matrix.setTo();
Method Matrix3D.copyRowFrom();
Method Matrix3D.copyRowTo();
Method Matrix3D.copyColumnFrom();
Method Matrix3D.copyColumnTo();
Method Matrix3D.copyFrom();
Method Matrix3D.copyRawDataFrom();
Method Matrix3D.copyRawDataTo();
Method Point.copyFrom();
Method Point.setTo();
Method Rectangle.copyFrom();
Method Rectangle.setTo();
Method Vector3D.copyFrom();
Method Vector3D.setTo();
Method Sound.loadMP3FromByteArray();
Method Sound.loadPCMFromByteArray();

Flash Player 12:
Method Graphics.cubicCurveTo();
Method GraphicsPath.cubicCurveTo();

And, Molehill-related classes are here:

But keep in mind that release version of new Flash Player could have another API.

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